C21 Nauru

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C21 Nauru

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C2 – Nauru
JH3AZC, Kay, and friends will operate from the Budapest Hotel in the Republic of Nauru February 5-8.
Kay’s callsign is C21MB and his full name is Kay Sanae. Others operating with him on this trip are:
JP3EXR, Taka Sakamoto, doing 2M EME, apparently using the same C21MB callsign.
JH3QFL, callsign C21AA, HF, especially low bands.
JR3GWZ, call C21GW, Hiro Kojima, HF, especially low bands also.
JA1PFP, C21PF, Taka Yoshida, 40 and 20M
JH3VAA, C21VA, Mamoru Nomura, HF bands.

Look for the 2M EME part of the operation the last two days.
That station will be an FT817ND and 900W amplifier to a 2x9-element antenna. That will be JT65B mode.

The HF station is an FT991A, IC7300, a Redpitaya SDR,
SPE KW amp and a Thamway 500 watt amp; and for antennas a spiderbeam and groundplane.
They plan operation on all of these: 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 18, 15, 10, 6 and 2M EME. The HF operation will be primarily FT8.

73 Boye