4U1UN United Nation

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4U1UN United Nation

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4U1UN –update We are receiving a lot of messages regarding the lack of 4U1UN
(United Nation Amateur Radio Club) activity on the bands. We will try to clear
some things about the current Club’s activities. Many of you do not know that
after the renovation of the UNHQ building in New York, the room dedicated to
the recreation area, on the 41st floor, in which the 4U1UN radio equipment was located,
was transferred to the special UN unit – Broadcast and Conference Support Section.
That room now is allocated to professional communications equipment.
This was the only room technically suitable to be used for installing our gear,
with easy access to the roof but after renovation it became off-limits for any other services,
except BCSS. https://dx-world.net/news-4u1un/

73 Boye